Renegade Diet Review

The Renegade Diet is one of the most interesting diets available in the market today. It has been written by Jason Ferrugia who works as the Chief Training Adviser at He has under his belt a number of eBooks that concentrate on nutritional empowerment and muscle gain. The Renegade Diet takes on a unique approach towards leading a healthy lifestyle, nutrition and healthy eating. It brings together viewpoints on digestion and the utilization of intermittent fasting to develop a diet that is easy to maintain for the long term The main goal of the diet is to help you change the composition of your body so as to gain muscle and lose fat.

how to burn fat fastJason is the owner of the renowned Renegade Gym in New Jersey. Apart from simply being a bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast, he has also looked at numerous diet options and has even goes as far as vegan diets which are practically considered blasphemies in the world of bodybuilding.

The diet strategy employed by Jason in the Renegade Diet eBook is very unique. It splits up your day into three phases or period. The first sixteen hours need you to fast; take no food but take lots of water; the next phase is four hours of light eating and the last period id another four hours of heavy eating in the evening. This might not be your everyday average because a large number of people are usually of the opinion that one should have a very heavy breakfast claiming that it is the most important meal of the day.

Your sixteen hours of no food and lots of water begin immediately you get into bed, the following four hours will require you to consume proteins that are easily digestible and fats that have limited amounts of carbs, mainly fruits. Workouts will normally be engaged in during these four hours. The last four hours is when you are allowed to eat all the calories that you want; you will need probiotics and prebiotics to enhance your digestion. This will be followed by vegetables, meats and carbs; exactly in that order. You will need to repeatedly follow this routine until you achieve your required calories for the day.

The Renegade Diet has adopted some ideas from the Paleo diet which requires the limitation and restriction of carbohydrate intake. As a matter of fact, with the Paleo diet an individual is only allowed to take carbohydrates for dinner after a very intense workout session. This simply translates to the fact that one is only allowed to take carbohydrates after an obvious loss of energy reserves from the body.

Does Renegade Diet Work

The Renegade Diet has incorporated a large number of foods that are animal based and that have successfully used by many vegetarians. Jason is fully supportive of animal based products but he does not support the use of commercial meat and dairy.

The unique thing about this diet is the use of the fasting approach to how to build muscle and burn fat. The intermittent fasting allows one to radically reduce his calorie intake. Apart from Cordain’s scientific findings, the book has also highlighted research done by Pilon and Berkhan who placed emphasis on the fact that eating of small meals after every two hours does not give oen positive results. However, compared to eating six small meals a day, intermittent fasting is an extremely radical change Intermittent fasting when done right really helps to significantly reduce your food intake that is if you are taking nutritious and good food and it results in overeating and under eating phase to compensate for the nutritional aspects.

The Renegade Diet program is very clear food consumption. To maintain a healthy body with the right weight and body mass index, you have to eat right. Believe it or not you are what you eat and the food you eat makes or breaks your body. The best thing about the book is that it does show you the best foods to eat and also the best times to eat it. It has taken a healthy approach to how to build muscle fast.

When it comes to exercises, they have not really been discussed at length in the Renegade Diet eBook. This is simply due to the fact that the book mainly focuses on diet and nutrition. It does encourage one to engage in exercise and does stress the importance of exercise in how to burn fat fast but it does not go into deep information on exercise routines and regimens that oen can use. It basically focuses on showing you how exercising coupled with the right nutrition and diet can work wonders for you. There are a number of parts of the book that have highlighted intense physical activity and body building to simply remind you of the importance of exercise.

Is Renegade Diet a Scam

What I Like About The Renegade Diet:
  • This diet is very easy to read and it also has a lot of appeal to people who love the Paleo Centric types of diets; those that mainly focus on unprocessed or natural foods.
  • This diet has thoroughly addressed the unique aspects of a nutrition based on the Paleo diets
  • In the event that you are really looking to build a leaner body, it is a very effective reference book as its main focus is on the development of lean muscle mass and loss of fat.
Simply put, the Renegade Diet program provides you with a number of radical changes to your diet and a number of pre-existing health changes. It does provide you with a healthy and beneficial approach to getting that leaner body that you have always wanted Remember that food is needed for your body so starving yourself to lose fat has never been and will never be a good option. You will just end up sick and malnutrition. For that healthy and beneficial method to getting that leaner yet healthy body that you have forever wanted, get yourself a copy of the Renegade Diet today. It is well worth it!